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With CBD oil products gaining in popularity as Americans become better informed, many new consumers can feel overwhelmed by the large assortment of choices and the wealth of information available. With Americans available to receive CBD’s in all 50 states and select retail stores throughout the country, it can be difficult to understand where to begin. The experts at Renew Mind & Body recommend you conduct your own research with the following goals in mind:

Establish Realistic Objectives

First, establish why you are considering CBD oil.  CBD is non-psychoactive, so if you are looking for a traditional cannabis high, our products may not be for you. While CBD oil is extracted from plants similar to marijuana, all of the products on our site are derived from the hemp plant, and contain minimal to zero THC. If you are looking to learn more about alternative solutions for addressing specific issues using CBD’s we recommend conducting your own research on medical publications found throughout the web.  

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

A growing number of medical practitioners recognize the value of choosing more natural, plant-based products over prescription drugs, when possible.   It is important to remember that each person responds differently to any treatment or therapeutic product, and results vary from individual to individual even with the most proven protocols. Know the outcome you are looking for, but don’t expect a miracle cure or silver bullet for every condition. CBD oil has shown great promise in a wide array of situations but won’t work for everyone in every situation.

Be Aware of Drug Interactions

Before adding CBD or any new supplement to your regimen, check with your pharmacist or doctor to see how it will interact with drugs you are already taking.  Products with high CBD levels are considered safe, however, the compound may change the way certain other drugs metabolize. We suggest you always check with your physician before starting and dietary supplement program.

Stay Updated

As new cutting edge research is conducted regarding CBD, new findings will continue to emerge on the valuable interactions of CBD within our bodies. 

We recommend that you always strive to stay educated, stay informed, and stay Renewed, in both mind and body.