Our specially formulated green apple vape juice is made with propylene glycol, natural flavors, and hemp derived cannabidiol isolate.



Legal in all 50 states.
Less than .03% THC.

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Renew CBD Vape products are made with gluten free, food grade, natural flavors and solvent-free, terpene-infused, hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate. This is a standard 510 thread, 0.5ml vape pen top. It comes loaded with 200mg of CBD in delicious fruit flavors. Each top contains 200mg of CBD. Each top provides approximately 150-200 puffs. Take 3 small puffs per serving for approximately 1.3mg of CBD.

  • 200mg of CBD per top
  • 1.3mg of CBD per serving (3 small puffs)

Ingredients: propylene glycol, natural flavors, hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate

Lab Results

200 MG Renew Tincture Sample 21340 3/18/19


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